Sunday, 8 April 2012

Zagreb .....

I don't quite know how to say how much this city has grabbed me, firstly we are staying in the Regent Hotel in Zagreb, it is straight out of an Agatha Christie book.
Then the city.... It is amazingly beautiful , parks, small winding roads and cobbled streets, markets and trams.
Nothing I can really say here will ever fully express how amazing this city is.

Getting yourself around is interesting, when looking at the street names on the road and on the map nothing really matches up, so just look for something with an approximate number of letters or one that looks similar and off you go.
Street cafés are everywhere, so when the feet are weary, stop, have coffee and watch the people.
Sightseeing....we have been to the Cathedral, St Marks, up and down side streets, markets, and museums till our legs fairly dropped off, I could quite happily do with another couple of days to see more, too much to see too little time.

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