Tuesday, 10 April 2012

On the road again.... By car...

We set off yesterday morning by car to drive 135km from Zagreb to the PLitvička lakes, a large national park.

It didn't start well.... firstly it's a left hand drive and secondly a manual neither boded well, but set off we did with only one stall at the start, and my dear wife in tears of laughter at my skills - she who laughs first gets laughed at later when it's her time to drive, all is well as long as i remember a simple rule for turning corners - far left, close right, anyhow motoring right along stopping here and stopping there (trip should take about 2 hours took us 5)
Countryside is amazing - rolling hills and forests.
We stopped off at a war memorial at Turanj, very disturbing seeing the houses still pock-marked from the war and the tanks and tractor converted to be a tank, then into a small natural park with waterfalls.

We are now staying at a Sobe or guest house "Villa Mukinja" with our extremely friendly hosts Vlado and his assistant Helena.
Dinner was a rather large excellent affair, starting with a type of cottage cheese and carpaccio ham with rye bread, this was followed by a kebab of pork and lamb with sausages on the side and a tomato salad all local fair all washed down with a very good Croatian red wine.
And so to bed full happy and very tired.

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