Friday, 13 April 2012


Drove in from Žaborić, parking was a very interesting experience, you can either pay with cash in the parking machine or you SMS your car registration - to somewhere in the ether - you then get an SMS back in Croatian accepting payment - how imminently civilized.
Then on into the city first to the castle and onwards to the other sites.

Visited the Church of Sv. Catherine with a small statue or reliquary of Sv. Catherine with some of her bones inside a small viewable window as well as some original books written in 1448, absolutely incredible to see the writing and illuminations.

We wandered up and down the small paved alley's until Lunch time when down came the rain giving us an excellent excuse for lunch at a restaurant called Alpa,
Karlovačko beer is pronounced Karlovach - the "o" drops off some where same as the the silent "q" in horse "hqorse" - shows how silent it is.

We are now starting to have a problem thinking english and speaking English " I want to make salt on our sandwich's", we are finding that talking to the local people we use very clipped English and are now starting to talk to each other like that.

Went to see the Cathedral of Sv. James, it had the most amazing stone carvings inside and out, inside it is not painted like most traditional cathedrals but rather the stone is left clear creating a very interesting picture.

Pam then tried driving foreign and also handled it well leaving from town.

Tomorrow it is onward to Trogir... All of 65km so that should only take us about 2 hours....

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