Friday, 27 April 2012

Split, broken back and Korčula

Traveling around, into and out of Split proved to be a bit of an experience, small roads, frenetic drivers and driving foreign (right hand side) eventually got to me, I swerved to avoid an on coming car on the corner of an exceptionally small road and clipped a tyre on the curb bursting the tyre, during the changing tyre manouevre I managed to put out my back ( putting out backs has been a constant problem for me since being kicked by a horse in the military in 1978, and for years being fixed by my long suffering physio )
But this did not deter us .....

Our trusty GPS nagging Nellie suffered a brain hemorrhage and had to be retired and so we acquired GPS Emily who for the first part didn't quite know what was expected and nearly found herself airborne from the car on a number of occasions.

Onto Korčula island- paradise found in a small sea side town Lumbarda Beach, by this point my back was pretty bad, so I asked our hosts to direct me to the nearest doctor, he promptly hoped in the car with us and took me to the nearest emergency clinic where for a ridiculously small sum of money i was treated with anti-inflammatory and cortisone injections immediately and supplied with doses for the next 2 days and instructions to return accordingly, and we went on our way.
The next morning we headed into Korčula town for a bit of site seeing and some gourmet food to assist in the recovery process.
Walking around the old city of Korčula included an excellent whole fish lunch that we had become rather partial to eating - usually a red scorpion fish, followed up by some shrimps that were actually prawns.
We also got to see Marco Polo's house ( at present under renovations)
Comes saturday morning and there is a hustle and bustle in town - everyone is heading out in a small flotilla of boats to the nearby islands to clean up rubbish that has floated up on the tide from neighboring countries and would we perchance be interested in joining.... OH HELL YES!!! Said I..... You'll hurt yourself said Pam..... pfffff let's go anyway, so we did and we cleaned and got dirty and it rained on us and we came back tired but elated.
It was then onto lunch with our hosts and their family.
A walk down the side of the bay was then in order and then back to the apartment to enjoy a bottle of wine grown and made by our host, the wine had been accompanied by two slices of cake for my birthday.

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