Wednesday, 11 April 2012

PLitvička Lakes national park

After breakfast we strolled off in high spirits in the brisk.... Very brisk... very very brisk morning air was probably about 4C for the lakes a couple of minutes walk away from our Sobe ( for those who are just tuning in a Sobe is a guest house)

First we had to purchase tickets into the park and then a quick "bus" ( see photo) ride down to the starting point and then off on foot down into the gorge with the most incredible blue lake below us.

For the rest of the morning followed paths next to the most incredibly clear lakes fill by innumerable waterfalls, fantastic views all jostling for superiority with each other.
Then at the major waterfall Pam wisely opted to stay at the bottom while I climbed 78 m high path about 400 steps - although I think it was closer to 346543 steps, heart attack heaven, but I have to say the view of the waterfall was spectacular.
Little side story - we happened on a small cave beside the path which I duly popped my nose into, was a very small cave so only got the nose in.... so I moved on up the path, eventually 10 or so photos later I noticed I had mislaid Pam, so retracing my steps and not seeing her in the path I got quite concerned she may have fallen in the lake - could happen, but no... there she was standing head stuck into the mouth of the cave yelling for me... I had somehow passed her on the way out of the cave, how I don't know but I did ..... and yes of course I laughed, what did you expect.....

Lunch time.... and a well deserved stop to eat at a very well appointed picnic spot with a small restaurant, had an excellent 1/2 roast chicken and chips washed down with a beer shandy - damn I can eat after a good mornings hike in the pristine mountain air.

Afternoon involved a boat ride across one of the lakes and then more hiking, lakes, waterfalls the colours and spectacle of the falls and lakes is incomparable, the most striking blues and emerald greens, finally with feet threatening an overthrow of the body we happily arrived back at the Sobe (hope none of you have forgotten what a Sobe is) for another excellent dinner of lamb chops, chips, tomatoes and mushrooms cooked by Helena

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