Thursday, 12 April 2012

Driving from PLitvička to Šibenic

After another hearty meal at our Sober in PLitvička we said goodbye to our hosts Vlado and Helena and hit the road to šibenic - 195km away.
We stopped once for tea early on and then again for a good break in the town of Zadar to stretch our legs , this is how we turn a 2.5 hour journey into a 7 hour journey, a horrifying part of the trip were the villages we drove through still bearing the ravages of the war in 1991 - 1995, one village Biljane Donje was shredded and mostly still abandoned.

Moving swiftly on down the road We saw a sign for a castle in a town called Benkovac so needing no further excuse for a leg stretch in we went and out we got for a quick peruse of the castle.

Then on again or not quite as we were now lost, we had tried to stay off the main highway, peddling along secondary roads not always clearly marked, correction ... Not marked, so with a lot of backwards and forwarding and stopping at a military base to ask for directions - Yes I asked for directions - the GPS had gone off the map and gone very silent, probably asking another GPS for directions, the paper backup map didn't match the road signs or the road - so we asked for directions, not too long and we were back on track - did I mention our tried and tested technique of turning 2 hours into 7 hours.
Took 3 attempts backwards and forwards over a distance of about 400 meters just to find the road to our next stop - OK OK so we were tired from driving foreign ( left hand drive) for hours.

Now settled in to our apartment after an excellent fish dinner in a neighboring town Primošten
And what should happen next..... Yes you guessed it .... No you didn't ...... For my South African readers we had a bit of load shedding, for everyone else a power failure - actually it was brought on by a nice little lightning storm

And so to bed......

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