Thursday, 12 April 2012

Žaborić near Šibenic

Started the morning with a stroll from our apartment, walking along the beach front for about 2 hours, then back to the apartment to decide what to do for the day.... It was to be a trip into Šibenic for the day, but first a quick dip in the Adriatic sea to cool down after the walk..... yes it's still early spring so the weather in the morning is still a tad chill in the shade but quite warm in the sun, the sea on the other hand is about a half degree of being able to walk on..... i.e. pretty cold, or to be more correct 15C or for others 59F, so in I plunged - Pam was more delicate and eased in up to her waist, much more sensible, I was in for a whole 30 seconds before exiting rapidly, only to return a couple more times equally short.

We were then given a couple of glasses of a type of schnapps mixed with lemon and sugar allowed to stand for a year or so and serve, drink and enjoy - powerful stuff - caused a rash of plunging back into the sea.
We were then invited to join our hosts for an excellent lunch after which we took another stroll down the beach after which we drove back to Primošten to buy some supplies for dinner......

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  1. Hi Pam & Mac
    Thanks for your blog. It is amazing to see and hear where you are and what you are doing. Keep the photos coming. Love Heather