Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rings Rings Rings

Pierced ring and Multi-part rings

I have had a bit of a ring making frenzy and made a couple of rings the first is a multipart ring with twisted wires and two half round wires, the second is a pierced multipart, the piercing is done in the round as it doesn't work (well not for me anyway) to pierce the flat plate and then bend into a ring.

Spinner Ring

The third ring is a spinner ring is made from a basic tube which I textured with a ball hammer then a wire ring is fitted over the tube and finally I hammered the two ends of the tube with a doming tool to form an anticlastic shape that will hold the wire in place.


Pierced ring

A colleague brought me a picture of a ring and asked me to make it up for her with matching earrings, again the ring is pierced in the round and not flat.

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