Friday, 26 August 2011

Current Projects

The Tennis bracelet and the Eternity Ring

Tennis Bracelet

I am doing two projects at class; the reason I am doing two more or less simultaneously is mainly to let my brain cool down as I will explain.

The first is a Tennis Bracelet for this I had to roll out a strip of silver 5.5 mm wide and 2.5 mm deep, then I had to saw cuts into the silver at 5.5mm intervals along the strip, these cuts are then filed out first with a square file and then a round file to leave grooves along the strip deep enough to have a 2 mm wire seated into it to half the diameter of the wire.

I then saw through the groove separating each little piece of the future bracelet, the width is measured again and divided by 3 to give me the lengths of wire I must cut to be soldered in place to ultimately form hinges, the small bits of wire are 1.3 mm in length. (Cool off and work on ring project for a bit)
These completed modules will now be cleaned up and then cast to form approximately 40 the wires will then be drilled to form hinges.

Tennis bracelet components
Eternity Ring

The ring will be an eternity ring with  nine 3mm Iolites set in it, I now have to drill 9 holes into the surface of the ring to start preparing the channel to receive the stones.
I have a feeling this ring is going to take an eternity to finish......

Eternity Ring

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