Sunday, 18 September 2011

Eternity Ring continued

Eternity Ring Continued. . . .

A while ago I  Started working on an eternity ring, I started with a ring "L" size with square profile 3.2 mm x 2 mm deep Into this I was to drill nine 1mm holes right down the center of the ring, evenly spaced 3.1mm apart as I was Instructed by my teacher, let me begin by saying it looked like a drunken woodpecker got hold of it.

The rings that didn't make the grade

My Instructor tells me at this point that at my level I should be able to drill free hand accurately, so I pop. off to the nearest Builders warehouse and buy a vice for my drill press and proceed to start drilling - No Iuck, enter drunken woodpecker, Back to the Drawing board and make another ring and drill and make another and stop. So after careful analysis of the whole nasty affair I work out if I sit directly facing the ring headon and look down the drill bit i should be able to drill accurately, so I make yet another Ring and start Drilling and Lo and behold It worked.

The ring that made the grade

I have now cut a Saw groove down the length of the holes and across each hole and between each hole, then using a triangular file followed by a round file I  filed into each of the saw cuts to form the facets for the nine stones that will be set into the ring. But above and beyond this is the mental hurdle I had to leap to be able to do a simple task such as drilling

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