Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Pilanesberg Weekend

Took the weekend off from jewelry; my wife Pam and I popped up on Friday afternoon to the Pilanesberg for our bi-annual timeshare weekend.
The weekend started off with a great deal of excitement when our chalet was raided by baboons while we were unpacking.... more fools us for leaving the front door open while we were in the bedroom - never ever leave your car open unattended or leave doors or windows open to the chalet unattended.
Well we did and in they came went straight to the bread bin on the kitchen counter and made off with the muffins, Pam heard them and yelled for me, I then made a very undignified dash after the baboons with a camp guard , to no avail baboons and muffins gone.
A tad large

After all the fun and excitement we decided to close the chalet and head straight into the park for a bit of afternoon viewing.
The elephants crossed two by two
The weekend however proved to be one of the best we have ever had, the game viewing proved to be exceptional, we were literally up to our eyeballs in animals, we watched as a herd of over fifty elephant too a bath (water, mud and sand) then wandered off across the veld crossing a main road right in front of us.
By the left quick march

I'm tho mad I could thhhpit........

We were also privileged in quick succession to see a brown hyena, black backed jackal and 5 lion, further viewing through the weekend included Rhino, Giraffe

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