Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pilanesberg Continued.........

Pilanesberg Continued.....

I never mentioned this previously but the camp we stay in is called Manyane, it is one of a number of camps in the Pilanesberg.
And so to revisit the scene of the crime; the first one is the front of the chalet looking in the front door, the second one is looking at the chalet and patio from the back.  
Front of the Chalet

Patio at rear of chalet

This picture is the very scene of the crime, the culprit's (Baboons) entered the front door at approximately  15:30 Hours proceeded into the kitchen (right next to the front door) leaped onto the counter top opened the bread bin - very quietly, removed the muffins and exited very hastily back through the front door with me in tow.

The scene of the crime... ahh the Kitchen

Baboons of the muffin thieving variety

This photo is looking out from the patio into the bush that surrounds Manyane, and the second very dark one....... if you click on it and enlarge the 2 bright dots are eyes looking back at you from the bush.... 

View from our patio
The eyes stared back....
There are small herds of Impala that roam around in the resort along with a family of bush pigs, guinea fowl, Banded mongooses and numbers of other creatures .....did I mention Baboons ...... muffin thieving Baboons - do I sound a tad bitter.
Rhino Grazing next to our car


Moon rise in the East
Watching me... watching you....

I'm just a passenger.....

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