Friday, 2 September 2011

Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings

This post is going to give a detailed view into a pair of earrings I recently reworked.
It starts with a pair of earrings done in a capped tube setting that was a bit old fashioned and pretty much hid the oval amethysts, I was asked to remake them to a design of my own choice.
Starting out I did the usual alloying of the silver and pouring out an ingot which was then rolled out into a strip on metal

Strip of silver

I measured up the stones and cut appropriate lengths to make oval tubes which were bent soldered and shaped until the stones seated nicely on the top.


Then I cut a slice out of the tube and soldered two wires vertically over the slice, then cut out the other side and again soldered wires on, these would later be the claws to hold the stones in place.


A pair of jump rings were then made up and soldered onto the tops of the earrings, the area of the top of the setting where the stones are to sit was beveled to give a seat for the stones and the claws were finished and closed over the stones
Finally a pair of shepherd’s crook hangers were fitted to complete the earrings.

Completed earrings

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