Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Roller

Purchase a sparkly new roller – all jewelry workshops NEED a roller, I am now pretty productive in my own right but still going to class, now I can roll plate and wire to my hearts content without having to wait for each weekend class to do my rolling for the week.

Then along comes the little finger on my left hand, I’m rolling out a small ingot to make wire and I somehow I got it into head to use my little finger on the barrel of the roller to steady my hand and the small fat ingot I am feeding into the roller, the next thing the roller sucks said finger in, now let me emphasize this is not a powered roller, well it is powered by me and I can be rather strong when I want to be and I just kept cranking thinking if I push hard enough my finger will come out – the other side, through the pain I realize what is going wrong(this all took a couple of seconds)..... quick reverse and out pops a rather oddly shaped fingertip (pain almost as bad as when I dropped a slab of granite on another finger (another story all together) well suffice it to say it took a couple of weeks for the finger to revert to normal colour and size but now I am very careful when working with the roller; workshop safety has a lot to say for itself.

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