Monday, 22 August 2011

Multipart ring

The next item on the course was a Multipart ring, here I learnt to make a ring consisting of six (6) components, the lesson was to build on the flat plate turn it into a ring then make various types of wire , add all the components together and come out with a ring.

Firstly I had to design a ring using half round, flat and twisted wire and make it aesthetically pleasing.

To start with I had to make a flat ring - this was to be the inner shank to hold all the parts together and make the inside seamless, then I had to roll out the various wires and make more rings that would compose the outer part of the ring. 
This meant I now had six individual rings, the wire rings were slid in place on the shank and then the shank was hammered with a doming tool to jam all the rings in place and finish off the edge of the ring.
Doming tools

Completed Multipart ring

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