Sunday, 2 October 2011

Epic Weekend

This was a bit of an epic weekend, firstly I conquered the Eternity ring; that of multiple drilling variety followed by multitude of sawing and filing, now this is done on a very small scale, I know this is part of learning and doing jewellery but this doesn't detract from the fact as I progress I am constantly in awe of the skills that master jewellers have to produce the work they do.
The next step is that I have to get the stones for setting and send it off to the setters (stone setting is and art and a specialisation all of its own, and while I will learn the basics for my own personal interests  - I have set a few cabochon's quite nicely, I will send my work to a professional for final setting.
I haven't yet completely decided what stones I am going to purchase for the ring.

Eternity Ring

The other bit of news is ..... my jewellery instructor has decided I am now ready to take my trade test, I have been attending class for over 4 years now and my work is good enough for the next step, this means from now till April 2012 I will be be honing my skills and practising for the test which is practical in content and takes two days to complete, but more on that as I go forward.

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