Sunday, 2 October 2011

 The Crosses

 Let me start by saying I don't like crosses (my own personal opinion) so I don't tend to make them, I have however made two, one for my wife, she nagged  a lot, and the second was for a project I had to complete as part of my curriculum.

 For the first cross I took 2 mm wire, bent It into shape then hammered it down, once I was happy with the shape I positioned the pieces and soldered together.

 The second cross was an assignment for class, It required making two rectangular boxes from 1mm x 5 mm  plate, these were then cut and joined to form a Cross, the interlinking parts were then cut out leaves an open bodied cross, to facilitate hanging on a chain I attached an enhancer catch (made in a previous class) to the top of the cross, Not yet finished still has to be polished, looks nice but does not change the fact - I don't like crosses -my cross to bear ( pun intended)

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