Monday, 17 October 2011

Memorial to a Tabby

Today I am dedicating my blog to a tabby cat I rescued off the road after it had been hit by a car and left to suffer and die.

The hitting by a car and being left is still not the worst of the whole situation, it is the number of people that must driven past it that disgusts me even more than the person that did the deed in the first place.

The cat was not lying on the verge, nor in the grass or bush out of sight,  but right in the MIDDLE of the road, it wasn't lying flat,, but half up on its front legs with its head up (as in picture below), so NO IT WASNT DEAD!!!!! and people rushing to work just drove past it. While I was busy attending to it two cars sped past me neither of which even blinked slowed down or even hesitated, also please bear in mind at this point I am now crouching in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!! attending to the cat.

Firstly I ask this question; if I hadn't picked it up how long would it have taken before it would have been reduced to mince meat, how many motorists would have driven over it feeling the bump under the wheels and not even bothered to wonder what they had just driven over.

Secondly; what I think makes this all the more unacceptable; we live in a small boomed neighborhood (crime prevention strategy - for another blog another time) so mainly only residents drive in it and in the early morning only residents, and it further amazes me how these residents drive in this neighborhood - Formula One drivers would look on with envy at the speed they manage to drive on our streets; not a care in the world for pedestrians who like to walk the neighborhood or animals that perchance find themselves out in the streets. 

I wish this story could have had a better ending; I got it to the emergency vet but the tabby unfortunately didnt make it, the injuries were too severe - broken back - so it had to be put down, and this brought me to the point of commentary on the passing of this cat at the hands of selfish uncaring motorists.

I do not apologise for the picture, I wanted to display graphically what injustice was done to this cat today.
In Memory of a Tabby

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