Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Looking back at jewellery I've made……

Following on hard on the heels of Epic weekend, I have now had Dismal weekend; Didn’t have a very productive weekend at all to say the very least, and for those of you that don’t know, I am also an IT Manager so my work has an ugly habit of getting in the way and I don’t get much of anything done in the evenings short of watching a bit of TV and cogitating over what the hell went wrong when we made a significant change on the network that should have been smooth sailing and it blew up (figuratively) in our collective faces and that only really leaves the weekends to indulge my artistic side.

Suppose one must be pragmatic about this sort of thing, the ubiquitous “They” say it happens…..

So anyhow, back to why I am really here on the page….. I am working on a ring but the metal is resisting, I get the feeling that the metal is not yet ready to release it yet, firstly I made the setting too big then after much sawing and bending I got it right and then to top it all while soldering (and NOT concentrating) all I succeeded in doing was melting the setting into a useless blob of metal to be recycled back into a new setting, and then to top it all I went on to impale a finger on a needle file…..

So therefore over the next couple of days I will revert to showing a few pieces of jewellery that I have made in the past and hold back for slow blog days such as this;

Cap and frame earrings

Interesting concept….. Design a free form then roll out a strip of metal 0.6mm thick and 6.5mm wide, I then bent, cut, joined and shaped the strip round the pattern. Once that was finished I then soldered plate onto both sides and cut off the excess leaving a small closed box in the shape of the pattern.
Cutting vertically down the length of the frame on the 6.5 mm side I ended up with two perfect exactly the same shape halves which were then finished off with earing fittings and polished up.

Earrings showing out side

Right Earring shows the inside view

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