Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Singapore is a .... Fine City

Singapore is a .... Fine City......But what a city it is!!

We decided to visit Singapore for a quick break before Christmas. For us, from past visits it has always been an incredibly beautiful and extremely clean city - well actually coming from Africa anything is clean - but this is CLEAN!!, and our visit this time it proved to be even more beautiful than before.

To start this trip began in a rather unusual  way, both Pam and I wanted to go somewhere, we didn't have much time and we didn't really know where to go.

After much brainstorming we decided on Singapore as we hadn't been for a while.

So normally Pam would hit the keyboard and mouse and start surfing up a storm, booking flights and hotels etc. but this time she didn't have the energy after a long tough year; so we called  Pentravel travel agents and gave them our requirements, and so we were off.

We flew Singapore airlines (I know why they are one of the top airlines in the world) and then stayed at 2 absolutely amazing hotels, The Scarlet hotel in Chinatown and then the Sofitel on Sentosa Island.

But I digress... 

So firstly .... How do you eat an elephant.... One mouthful at a time ..... 

So what I have decided to do this time on the blog to break the reading into manageable chunks.....

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Scarlet Hotel, China Town, Raffles hotel and Singapore Slings

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Gardens on the Bay

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Raffles Hotel and High Tea in the Tiffin Room

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Sentosa Island

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Marina Sands Hotel

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