Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Singapore is a .... Fine City - Sentosa Island

Then it was off to Sentosa Island and the Sofitel Hotel for a bit of beach and sea. 

Arrived and straight away got changed and walked to the beach for a swim in the sea 
Then back to the hotel for a relax and swim at the pool and partake of a a beer. We found the food and drink as usual very very expensive.

Walked back down to Tanjong beach, then to Palawan beach. 
A monsoon storm hit so we had to stay there a little longer and have lunch at Bora Bora Beach restaurant - Laska and chicken rice. 

Bora Bora Restaurant

Ships out to sea

Ships out to sea

Swimming class

When the rain calmed down we walked to the most Southern tip of Continental Asia, a couple of months earlier we had been to the Southern most tip of Africa. 
We did not swim again as we wanted to get to the attractions. 

Went up the Merlion which I am sorry to report was a little waste of time, I don't know if I would do it again or recommend it when there is so many other attractions to see and participate in.
But here we did get to watch a touring school choir and orchestra play and sing from Australia.

Rushed back to the hotel on bus 3 (all transport on the island is free) for a super quick shower and change and went back for the Wings of Time show - An awesome laser and water fountain show.

Next morning it was up and off for the most amazing breakfast I have ever cast my eyes on -  what a spread. Breads of all types, , beautiful pastries, eggs every way, chicken sausage, bacon, hash browns, fruit, fruit juice, yogurt, cereals, continental with gorgeous meats and cheeses, and then ...... the Asian breakfast station .... noodles, curry, laksa, dim sum, sushi, congee.... OMG I was in heaven. 

Most hotels on the balcony's  where lunch and breakfast is served will have small birds such ad pigeons or sparrows scrounging crumbs from the floor around the diners, not the Sofitel however, they have the most elegant and stately Pea fowls walking through the dining area and hotel.

Asian Counter
What struck us about the Hotel was the attention to detail - frogs and fish on lights, chair with no legs, small detailed sculptures in the rooms, Stunning sea views for breakfast, everywhere you looked something was placed to catch the eye

Sculpture in our bathroom

Sculpture in our bathroom

Sculpture on light fittings in corridor

Sculpture on light fittings in corridor

Sculpture on light fittings in corridor

Sculpture on light fittings in corridor

Legless chair

Bed/hammock in the garden

Sculpture in toom

Back on bus 3 to the adventure park.  We started off the day slowly with a Sky Ride (Ski lift to the top of the Luge starting point, basically it is a garden bench hanging off a cable) What fun! and I got to learn a whole lot of new swear words from Pam whom I have to inform is terrified of heights, couldn't have been to bad however as we rode it twice and luge'd twice. Pam drove down the luge like an old lady while I recklessly  zoomed down - but then again how is one supposed to do it if not hell for leather. 
What a blow, down came the rain again curtailing further adventure and language instruction, so went to a pub called Mamba for a drink or 2 - Pam is now ready ..... I think...... for the Mega Zip Line or Zippy Meg Line as she now calls it

Skyride to the top of the Luge

Pam took one look at the Mega Zip Line and chickened out (hmmmmmm....needed another drink or 2)
So off I went alone to test the waters so to say. You get taken by golf cart to the top of a hill (an adventure ride all of its own), then you climb a multi-storey tower get your harness clipped onto the cable system, pushed out a door and off you go at about 60km per hour back down the mountain to the beach..... OMG.... AGAIN, AGAIN,AGAIN

So after a bit of convincing there was Pam and I harnessed up and back on the golf cart to the tower, It was rather high and again Pam nearly chickened out, but the young guy just said to her "you will be fine" and opened the gate, pushed her out and away we went. It was awesome even though she informed me afterwards she kept her eyes closed. 
..... OMG.... AGAIN, AGAIN,AGAIN - this time it was Pam so off we went back again and this time did it in the rain.

And again,caught the bus number 3 back to the hotel a tad sopping wet from the rain. We would have liked to have swum, but the pool was closed because it was raining. 
Followed by a drink overlooking one of the beautiful ponds. and then a dinner - hainese chicken and laksa. 

The following set of photo's are general views around the hotel

And as they say .... all good things must come to an end so we finished packing and were fetched at 23:00 for our 2:10 flight home.

............ Until we visit again........................

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  1. The sandy beaches - so unspoiled and uncluttered, It is a mere pleasure to spend the time there! I could recommend everyone to visit that place!