Friday, 16 October 2015

It's been awhile since my last missive

Well its been a fair while since my last missive, this is for a number of reasons and they all begin and end with..... I was lazy.

Actually it could be deeper than that; you may or may not have heard the stats that women speak about 30,000 words a day, well I think I get issued with about 5,000 a year and when they are finished up I go silent until the next issuance of words.... or we could revert to ..... I was lazy!!

So now that I have  something to say (read Not Lazy) let's do a bit of catchup; and while this may happen in no particular order to start I will try to get them in sequence at the finish.

So.... I had to go back to Malawi to do the final shutdown of the I.T. side of one of our projects

Then we did another long and winding road trip round South Africa - see blog entry.

The Jeep is still being worked on, got it back for one day from the restorers and the engine failed dismally, not too sure what exactly went wrong, something to do with bent valves .... blah blah blah.

This was followed by a visit to the Cradle of Mankind to see the Homo Naledi skeleton, yes you got it, see the blog entry.

Then back to Cardiff for work and other activities .... see blog entry.

And finally a new foray into some more jewellery I have started making, yes I am back at the bench after an inordinate period, lets hope I can keep up the momentum.

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