Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Queen's Knight Defence

Well let me start out by clarifying that the following blog has absolutely nothing to do with  the Queen's Knight defence move, I dredged through the vast empty confines of my brain to think up a suitable heading and this is how it ended up ... so be it

As an aside for those of you who may be interested in the actual Queens Knight Defence move may find it right here 

Queens Knight Bracelet

Philosophy and Construction of the bracelet

As if it wasn't hard enough to create the bracelet, I then hammered out a philosophy for the bracelet, although the basics were already formed in my head at the outset, the full story did not ferment until well into the project.


On the left are the Knights of the realm and on the right is the Queen representing the Monarchy.
This is a type of torque bracelet formed from solid silver.The body of the bracelet or torque represents the serfs or peasantry.  

The Knight facing the monarchy is bowing in greeting and subservience, the Monarchy bow back acknowledging the greeting.

The knights are landed gentry obtaining their land from both inheritance and from the Monarchy
Monarch and Knight will have peasants working the land for them and paying taxes, The peasantry are under the power of both the Knights and the Monarchy so I have the torque (peasants/serfs) underneath both Monarchy and Knights.
The knights will never become the Monarchy except by virtue of battle represented by the gap between the two.


The body of the bracelet was started with a 5x5mm square silver rod, this was then taper rolled from both ends so that it is thick in the middle then narrows to the ends, this is filed to make it all even.

Draw lines around the body at 10mm intervals then diagonal lines between them until the entire piece is covered.
Cut into the silver on the diagonal lines with a saw then using triangular and then round files cut deep into the lines.
Once you have a suitably deep cut you can start to round the piece up which finally gives the impression of twisted wire.
Pretty average technical drawing for the Torque

The Knight and queen are both carved out of a vast block of silver with a hammers and chisels and power tools .......... didn't believe me did you.....actually they are cast using small chess pieces as a model and then soldered into place on the ends of the torque, the whole is then polished.

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