Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cat Tat Scanned

I feel it is very important at this point to mention as a side story to this whole kitchen operation, a very important member of the family our cat Tat had to at all steps of the work on the kitchen refurbishment carry out a detailed check or Cat Tat scan of the days work done or in most cases not done or re-done.

Now this scan while very intense covering every corner, top to bottom, inside and out, was of great importance as we received copiuos feedback on items that displeased her.
And so the kitchen progressed......

"Nice neat work... all true and square....."

"This dustbin drawer doesn't run smoothly.... get it fixed!!"

"Something not quite right down there !!"

Tat making appropriate comment

"So this is all they managed the whole freaking day !!!!!!"

"This drawer looks good so far, lets check the cupboard next door...."

"Hmmmm ... bottoms of drawers don't look even to me"

"Nice work guy's, you're getting the hang of it.... only taken you a month......"

Checking on the quality of the appliances

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