Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A little experiment with silver and copper

I have a problem .... a major problem .... it's called attention span, well that's what all the "normal" people would call it, I call it having to much noise going on in my head which distracts me every so often.... OK OK OK .... all the time

So I have this ring I have to make for someone, and I start by melting down and then pouring the silver into the mould, then rolling it out as one does at the start, cut it to length etc. etc. -  I do the necessary planning to start so that I know where I should be headed - it's after I actually get going that things go a bit awry, the voices start.... " "hmmmm try this.... or try that", and this is just what happened....

Ring was supposed to be a plain man's ring with groove cut into it and then the groove darkened with black patina.... but all the voices said "Nooooo try some copper ...... try some copper...." so I did!!

The result was good, I'm happy with it as an exercise.....  and that's where it ends, voices are quiet, I told them so, and now I have to make another ring as per the clients request.... 

Tune in again to this blog for the next exciting episode of the Ring that should Be ....

Silver Ring with Copper

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