Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cathedral Peak

Been away again, yeah yeah yeah .... stop bleating about how I am always away some where, just think if I didn't go away all the time then I would probably go mad and then they would have to put me away permanently.

Anyhow, as I was saying we went away, down to Cathedral peak for a couple of days, Cathedral Peak is actually a mountain in the Drakensberg Mountains, and near said peak is a marvellous little hotel called the Cathedral Peak Hotel...(how amazing is that)

Its close enough to get there from our hose in a couple of hours but far enough away for me to feel isolated from the world at large.

The drive down was a tad stressful as the hotel is literally in the middle of nowhere and getting there involves passing through a number of rural villages, and the inhabitants of said villages with al their cows, goats, chickens, dogs, children etc. have a rather unpleasant propensity of wandering all over the roads or just standing in the road chatting and you as the motorist have to spend your time avoiding them while barrelling along to your destination, I am not a patient person when it comes to the human race so this does tend to cause quite a high level of angst for me which in turn causes my dear long suffering wife pain and suffering.

But we got there safely (no blood on the car) in time for afternoon tea.... tea for me is a VERY important beverage and tea at the hotel is quite an institution so I have to be there on time for my tea.

Our room as you can see in the photos had an incredible view of the mountains, and while it was a bit dry; it is winter now, not that the temperature was playing the game, we mainly packed winter clothes expecting it to be nice and cold an lo and behold the days averaged up to 25C or 77F .... did I say it was winter..... in the mountains.

The Hiking was as usual excellent, except for one that we got a tad lost, not that it detracted from the hike as a whole, and of course each day we made sure to get back to the hotel in time for the afternoon tea ritual. I also had to promise on pain of not going to the hotel that I would not make another attempt at climbing the Cathedral again following a previous trip when I nearly fell of the mountain, But that is a whole other story.

Food at the hotel is a gargantuan affair of the most incredible variety and quantity food breakfast and dinner, lunch is at your own discretion.

And so back to work until next trip............

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