Thursday, 23 August 2012

And so the kitchen saga continues....

It just doesn't know when to end or we have angered the gods badly. 

The floor was such a disaster that the tiles had to be lifted, this wasn't the end though; following all the problems and shoddy workmanship of all previously involved we have stopped dealing with our contractor and taken on a new contractor to complete the work and to redo most of the original work.

Floor after tiles were removed, glue still liquid
The floor was so badly damaged during the initial job that the original screed had to be chopped up and relaid completely, and only then could the tiling be re-done.

Floor after screed removed, ready for re-screeding
But not to let the original contractors fade into oblivion where they should be relegated, they have subsiquently fudged the invoice and increased it to cover their losses.

According to them we had requested them to sand and oil 10 windows, we then had 2 doors added, they said we were 2 windows short. So we had to pay for an extra 2 windows plus the extra doors and this cost miraculously came to more than half of the original quote..... now let me say this, I am not an accountant but I am definitely a business man and in no universe that I could imagine could costings like this occur.

Just in case any idea should cross the reader's minds or my mind that maybe the work is OK one just has to look at some plumbing work where part of the drainpipe peeks ever so coyly from the plaster work, when I confronted said contractor on this I was blithely told that it didn't matter as it was going to be hidden behind the cupboards. As Steve Jobs believed you should always put the same amount of effort to the inner hidden components as you do to the outside visible components - our ex-contractors obviously don't subscribe to such an ethos
Peek-a-boo plumbing below the outlet pipe

Electrical work ....... and just when you thought we could move on merrily along comes straight eye, supply all charged for components - electrician...... firstly he couldn't get all our plugs in a straight line along a wall; no that would be far too pedestrian, let's go for a much more risqué avant garde uneven skew look, but way prior to this he left live open wires hanging out of a wall at knee height, we were told it was disabled therefore safe, it stayed like that for two days until he came to finish the job at which point he told us he would have to work live even though it was a bit dangerous......
Then lo and behold as if insult to injury could not get worse he tries to charge us for two extra "supplied" circuit breakers.... did I check the board.... HELL YES, were there  supplied breakers..... HELL NO!!!!

Existing Circuit breakers minus the "supplied" one
Straight line plugs?... but check out the new zooty tiling....
Sooooo lets fast forward shall we, I could belabour the various points till your eyeballs melt, but that would just be pedantic and also I would probably get bored typing or worse still turn my laptop into a frisbee in a fit of pique.....

In comes new contractor... floor up.... screed down..... tiles going down, any sounds of hollowness (attained by tapping tiles with now very bruised knuckles).... definitely not.... these guys know their jobs.

Now at this point please remember back that I mentioned that them who will forever more be referred to as "ex-contractor" came on site without so much as a toothpick to share between them, well new contractor, now to be referred to as "current and future contractor" came on site with a veritable manly man's armoury of equipment in labelled crates, an absolute joy to behold, plus an electric water cooled tile cutter... OK guys....stop drooling you're wetting the keyboard.

I think I see the Phoenix rising slowly from the ashes.........

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