Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crafty Idea

Many years and many many kilometers with just a few countries, towns and places thrown in, from which we have amassed a small plethora of fridge magnets.
Now said magnets to date have made rather colourful residence on our fridge fairly masking the door from view. 
Unfortunately as it would be our fridge reached the end of its useful working life in our kitchen through no fault or failure on its behalf but rather due to the utter ineptitude of our kitchen renovators who thoroughly stuffed up their measurements leaving the space for said fridge utterly to small to accommodate it (see my blog entry Caveat Emptor)

An so it came to pass the fridge magnets when removed from the old fridge which incidentally was white had caused quite a bit of damage to its surface leaving rather unsightly black marks all over it and Pam decided that the brand new sparkly silver fridge which had by now taken up residence in the kitchen was not going to be the location of the previously mentioned fridge magnets.

A fair amount of time passed with the magnets languishing in a box in a cupboard while we racked our collective creative brain cells to come up with an solution as to their new location.
Gluing them to wood... nah.... taking a metal shelf from a steel cabinet and hanging it on the wall .... nah...... and then while wandering around our local builder warehouse I inquired of the staff if they perchance could possible be the purveyors of sheet steel.... Yes they were and yes we became the proud owners of a LARGE piece of galvanized steel sheet.

The steel was taken home and two pieces of 140 x 70 cm delicately / surgically cut out with an angle grinder.
These pieces were then taken to a local picture framer and a frame chosen to finally complete a suitable location for the fridge magnets to take up residence.
The now named Magnet Frames are hanging rather nicely in our kitchen and scullery.

Kitchen Frame

Scullery Frame

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