Monday, 17 December 2012

"Branches through a Window"

I have started a new pendant for which I don't have a name yet, the idea behind the design is from the back of a chair I saw at one of our local restaurants we like to frequent - maybe I should call it "Chair Pendant"

Back of chair

So with Idea now in mind, I melted my silver, rolled out plate, drew up a pattern glued it to the plate, I wont go into the boring details - done that a number of times in previous posts. 
I then drilled 1mm holes at strategic points around the pattern to facilitate the threading of the saw blade to begin the cutting process 

Step one - Rolled silver, Pattern glued  and holes drilled

Step two - sawing, sawing, sawing........

Once all the small varied shapes are cut out, I drilled holes at the four corners where 1 mm wire is inserted and soldered in place to hold the two plates 2 mm apart, the whole is then polished up and completed with a ring in the centre to hang it on a piece of black cord.

Completed Pendant "Branches through a Window"
Epilogue: I didn't think the name Chair Pendant gave it the necessary gravitas , so I will rather name it "Branches through a Window"

"Branches through a Window" is now living in New Zealand.........

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