Sunday, 11 December 2011

Holidays begin ….. and an Enhancer setting with Pear-shaped Garnet

End of the year at last, couldn’t have come quick enough or was it a bit too quick, the year seems to have flown past with rather obscene speed.

And with this end I have stopped classes and jewellery work in general, it is screaming up to Christmas break and I am stopping for my annual leave from I.T. as well, why can’t I do jewellery during my break you ask…… yes I heard you at the back there…….well the answer is we are off to Cape Town for Christmas, so I will be give or take a kilometre or three nearly 1400 km away from my workshop, NO NO NO I can’t take it with me – we are flying and also I don’t think our hosts would be overly excited with a workshop moving into one of their flats sooo no work for a while.

During my break I will put in a couple of entries (starting with this one) consisting of work I have done in the past during classes and of my own creation, I may also put up some travelogue entries of our trip, so keep looking out.

And so to kick start this series of holiday entries :-

The following set of pictures are of a Pear shaped Garnet in an enhancer setting.
The shank of the ring is hammered, cut and then bent round with a pair of needle nose pliers, I put the the stone setting at a slight angle to the ring to create a bit of an accent

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