Sunday, 8 February 2015

You want me to camp in a WHAT???

Camping ... those moments when........

Let me start by saying;

I dont camp today.......

I dont camp tomorrow... 
I dont camp ever.........

I spent a couple of years living in army tents in the blazing 40C heat, then during flash floods wading around with your possessions in nearly knee deep water and still have to stand inspection, and sub 0C cold.

You're in the army now, have a blanket if it gets chilly and you can hear brass monkeys losing parts of their anatomies...

And that gives me the opportunity to impart some useless information:

The brass monkey that drops its balls is NOT a monkey, but rather a brass ring called a monkey that stood on the deck next to the cannons of early battleships, it held the round cannon balls (4 in a pile) and when it got real cold the brass would contract and the "balls" would fall off, hence freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

So back to the tent and the camping..... I dont camp...........

Pam: "We are going camping with Lynette & Struan, its Lynettes parents 60th Anniversary"

Me: "NO, I dont Camp"
Pam: " Yes, it'll be fun"
Me: " NO"
Pam: " Pleeeeaaasseeeee it'll be nice its a luxury tented camp"
Me: " NO"

I can be a bit stubborn!

Anyhew, the story started because a friend of Pam - Lynette whose parents were celebrating their 60th Anniversary and the family invited us to share the celebration with them in an area called the Waterberg at a lodge in the mountains ... in a tent.....

And what a tent it was, definitely nothing like what I was used to, this was pure luxury, and in the bush, my favourite place to be.

During Saturday we took a drive down to the dam where we indulged in some water sports with canoes.

Then the party that night - a great affair with Lynette's Parents and family with an awesome dinner in the main dining room at the lodge.

The next day was dedicated to a game drive round the property.

Our Tent

Boma at our tent

View from our tent

View from near our tent

View from near our tent

Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen Facilities

Inside the tent

Bathroom area

Side of tent with Bathroom at back

Our car and trailer

Dining room

Dining room

Gathering of the minds

Me with refreshments on board

Chris (Lynettes Brother) with Refreshments also on board

Could this be called a "flotilla of canoe's"

Pam showing her rowing style

Walking back to the lodge



Wood carving on a fallen tree


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