Friday, 25 September 2015

Cradle of Mankind, Maropeng and Homo Naledi

Here is a bit of history etc for those of us who are interested in archaeology and particularly paleontology.

I will also combine 2 visits to Maropeng and the Cradle of Mankind into one blog entry.

To start off with a bit of background information, The Cradle of Mankind as we know it, is located about about 28km from where I live and 50 km from Johannesburg, so it makes for a really nice easy outing to go and visit.

The Cradle of Mankind has the Sterkfontein caves and other caves located in the environs and this is is where such famous fossils such as  "Mrs. Ples" and "little foot" bones (Australopithecus africanus) were found.

Now back to the recent future approx 2 years ago in this area an new set of skeletons have been discovered in the Rising Star cave, it has been named Homo Naledi.

The bones were recently put on display at the Maropeng centre - a large interactive museum and visitor display facility, making for a viewing experience of a lifetime.
We have previously visited the centre for me to gather tons more information on mans very early ancestors, I have a passion for archaeology and paleontology, and my long suffering wife Pam happily goes along with me while I gather.


Entrance to the Maropeng centre

The following are a series of pictures of the Homo Naledi bones

re-construction of Australopithecus Sediba - also on display

View of the Cradle of Mankind area around Maropeng

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