Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It was the best of days..... it was the worst of days....

Back to class and work on the Three Stoned Tiffany ring, and after all these really long breaks I am really feeling motivated; all I had left to do before final assembly was to fit the wire for the last setting and I was ready for the final hurdle.

The setting is finished, the shank is finished, following detailed instructions from my teacher, I begin the process of soldering the setting to the shank. 

This involved basically having the shank standing vertically on the soldering slab and suspending the setting between the arms of the shank and then applying the tiniest bit of solder to the assembly or should I rather call it the precarious balance of objects..... just looking at it is enough to knock the setting off its perch - a house of cards is probably more stable.
Anyhow balanced it was, and the first solder joint is duly completed YEEEHHHAAAAA

.... Sombre music now plays in the background......

I start the second solder joint and 


I could simply collapse........ the ring falls in half..... IN HALF...  not on its side.... not on its back..... not on the floor.......

.........IN BLOODY HALF!!!!.........

I could just throw up.....Let me say this ....there isn't enough language in the universe to express how this felt, I hope you can hear how hard I am typing !!!!!

So very calmly we pack up, we drive home very calmly and put ones toolbox very CALMLY!!! back in the workshop.... 

Ring in tatters

Maybe juuussstt MAYBE next week the gods will look down on me benevolently and they wont take a poke at me.... or my ring.

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