Monday, 21 November 2011

Been there done that.... getting back to work

Been back from Chile a while now, but to say I have been lazy is rather an understatement.
I have been back to class and am currently working on a 3 stoned Tiffany ring with basket enhancer settings; do I have a photo of the progress made so far..... Hell No.....if you remember correctly my opening statement was " I have been rather lazy".
So far I've made the main central setting and 3/4 of the first side setting (I've already made this setting three times, it is a 3mm diameter by 4 mm high cone setting), sooo no photos yet, and anyway if there were any they would have looked really uninteresting, once I get a bit further I will do an update on this this post and put in photos, maybe a drawing or maybe not a drawing, just photos. 
The body of the ring is going to be a hammered up shank with a split where it joins the settings, do I have a drawing.... of course not, I said " I have been rather lazy"

I did how ever get off my sorry lazy ass posterior and do an outstanding job - no I don't mean that the job was an outstanding piece of work I mean it was outstanding, hadn't been done, was late...... got to explain everything these days.....

So moving right along.....I had to solder charms onto a charm bracelet, this involved making wire - yes I make my own wire, my jewellery instructor has taught me the principal that I have to be able to make up almost everything that I will need, such as wire, plate and tube, because one day I may end up somewhere that I cannot purchase ready made items and then I am basically up the creek with out a paddle.

Charms onto a bracelet

So anyway back to said bracelet, I made wire, turned the wire into jump rings (by hand with a drill bit for a mandrel) then I attached each charm to a jump ring and onto the bracelet where upon each jump ring had to soldered closed - long slow very frustrating job, but it is done.

Until next time.......

                      Exit stage left .........

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